Are you wondering why your investments, your retirement account, your finances aren’t doing what you expected?  Is it a concern that the Wall Street approach isn’t working?

With many years of experience in the financial community of Wall Street and beyond, we may be able to shed some light on the realities.

The financial industry has developed within and around three silos:  Banking, Investing, and Insurance.  Understanding any one silo is tough, especially for the layman.  Putting the three together is nearly impossible without a great deal of time and effort.  Figuring out how to use any of the many financial products (or vehicles) available in an effective and integrated fashion is, well, not how most financial institutions and salespeople (or advisors) direct their efforts…and you can pay quite a price in results.

This blog is not intended to be another “how-to”, designed around the now-conventional Wall Street ethic and products.  Our intention is to provide some insights that you will not find elsewhere; something that will give you, we hope, an occasional “Aha!” moment. Maybe you’ll find a way to get past the conventional and into the effective.  We will approach some of the topics in a manner befitting our audience, both the layman and the professional, in basic terms, as the opportunity or inclination presents itself.

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  1. Helena Movsesian says:

    Met you last night at the BOY dinner. Great presentation. I was the one nodding the entire time. Everything you said so resonated with me. I found out about how lousy the returns were with mutual funds about ten years ago.

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