Busy, Not Now

Is it odd that people seem to be busy when the opportunity to discuss and deal with their finances or insurance arises? Who wouldn’t try to be too busy to attend to what is difficult, rarely explained well, and forgotten easily?

“My calendar is full; maybe in a couple of weeks”… So many of us put off this part of our planning for the future.  We spend more time, dedicate more attention to our next vacation than we do our personal finance and retirement years.

The financial industry has evolved in silos, and the layman has been positioned to (awkwardly) try to coordinate all that he can handle.  The result is that the investor and/or client is rarely well served.  Our goal is to shed some light on the industry, its products, and help.

A major problem is that we’re bombarded with truisms and what passes for wisdom.  We’re told to invest in 401(k)s which, in concept, are helpful to save for retirement, but only occasionally do we (maybe) hear of the various and multiple fees.  We’re rarely, if ever, warned of volatility and its nasty effects in the distribution phase of our financial lives.  Do we ever get insight into the use of “arithmetic averages” that the financial industry uses to market their products?  So much to look into…

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Site creator and author has well over 30 years experience in the world of Finance at both the institutional and personal levels. As is often true, his successes, but also the pain of the author's mistakes, have resulted in insights that you, the reader, might find helpful in your efforts to avoid pitfalls and poor results. Associated with Himel Financial Services, at http://www.himelfinancial.com/#intro
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