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The Beginning of Direction

It should occur to the investor that the traditional investments are self-serving to the Silo from which it comes, all too often.    Perhaps the way to explore the motivation, and the opportunity, should start with some basics on the investment … Continue reading

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Modern Portfolio Theory

What is it?  How modern is it?  In summary, it is a diversification within a portfolio that enables the investments to create an upward bias, and limit downward moves.  OK, what is it really? Let’s start with an example: a … Continue reading

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Are you too busy?

Is it odd that people seem to be busy when the opportunity to discuss and deal with their finances or insurance arises? Who wouldn’t try to be too busy to attend to what is difficult, rarely explained well, and forgotten … Continue reading

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Stock Market Volume

“Stock trading remains in a slide after ’08 crisis” – New York Times What does the attached article’s information suggest? Perhaps the assumption that the stock market always grows should be examined, both for direction and extent. Decreasing small investor … Continue reading

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